Total Logistic


Logistix SA

Logistix SA (LSA) was formed in 2008 with a vision to provide reliable and efficient logistics and transport solutions to the Southern African region.

LSA is a company that prides itself on providing personalised and flexible services to our clients at all times. Our team of dedicated professionals understand that transport and logistics are essential components to your business and are commited to providing the best possible service at all times.

Our people have over 30 years experience in the transport and container management industry and are experts in their related fields. Everything they do is geared towards the successful management and handling of your cargo and work with you to suit your exact requirements.

Container Management Services

Logistic SA operates our own Shipping Container Depots in Alberton North, Johannesburg and Mobeni East, Durban. Stategically positioned 6 km from City Deep in Johannesburg we afford our clients and transporters quick turn around times away from the congestion of City Deep.

Our facility is fully equipped with full container reach stackers and empty container handlers. Our state of the art weight bridge facility is available for verifying cargo tonnage and axle mass distribution in order to ensure that vehicles are compliant with the legal maximum payloads on South African roads.

Transport Solutions

Logistix SA provides tailor made transport solutions to suit our clients requirements in order to accelerate their productivity and profitability.

LSA specialises in the transport and management of project cargo to various Southern African countries and provide a dedicated cabotage service for various shipping lines.